Kawah Ijen Sulfur Mine, Java

Latitude: -8.058320045471
Longitude: 114.242996215820

Behind the Scenes

"None of us realized how heavy sulfur is. When you pick up sulfur, it feels like you're picking up a piece of metal, almost. It's shockingly heavy. And these guys are able to make two round trips a day. " -Mark Magidson discusses the sulfur mine in the New York Times

 "We were right up where they pulling the sulfur out of the ground, with all the smoke and steam coming out of the ground. When the wind changed- we were blinded and gagging; couldn't breathe, couldn't see. It was like that "we're done for!" feeling. You can't imagine that these miners would have to make TWO trips in there a day, with no protection." -Ron Fricke on why this was the hardest footage to shoot in SAMSARA

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