Shooting Shanghai

SAMSARA is one of only a handful of feature films, including its predecessor Baraka, to be shot in the 70mm format in the last forty years. 

To get the film from 70mm to stunningly detailed 4k resolution for theaters, each frame of the negative was scanned at 8k resolution on FotoKem's famous BigFoot scanner (shown below). The resulting digital data file was in excess of 20 terabytes! This large file was then compressed into 4k to create the final DCP. The filmmakers extensively tested this method to confirm the benefits of oversampling in the scanning of film to digital. The result is an unparalleled viewing experience with extraordinary levels of detail, clarity, and vibrance. 

Fotokem's IMAGICA "Big Foot" scanner

This method of scanning in film at 8k resolution was originally pioneered in the creation of BARAKA's acclaimed Blu-ray DVD, and has since become a widely adopted industry practice.  The achievement of the BARAKA Blu-ray marked the first time 70mm analog quality was successfully introduced into a digital format.

 Read a note from producer Mark Magidson on the choice to project SAMSARA digitally