Composers Michael Stearns, Lisa Gerrard, Marcello di Francisci with Mark Magidson just after finishing the sound mix

“Half of this type of filmmaking is the music. It’s 50/50. The music embellishes the experience with feeling— it’s the dialogue, but it’s in a feeling form.” -Ron Fricke

Samsara’s 102 minutes of imagery is combined with original music composed by Michael Stearns, Lisa Gerrard, and Marcello De Francisci, as well as several contributed compositions.   Mark Magidson, Ron Fricke, and Michael Stearns, who is renowned for his groundbreaking score for Baraka, reunited again with with well loved musician, singer, and composer Lisa Gerrard.  Gerrard previously contributed the track Host of Seraphim to Baraka, and worked with Mark Magidson on the Dead Can Dance tour film Toward the Within.


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